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Academic Programs

Business Studies & Accountancy
The course ultimate goal is to train world class quality business management students who can make better decision in an ever changing global business environment. Students will be prepared for a career in the global arena and their stay at GC is going to be a fruitful learning experience. Read More

Social Work & Community Development
This aim is to equip students with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to integrate community development into their social work roles. Since the unit plays a role within all levels of governments and NGOs, graduates will develop broader philosophical skills to improve community wellbeing.Read More

Information Technology
This course is tailored in such ways that allow students (i) attain levels of qualification that gains the recognition internationally, (ii) enable them develop the skills of self-e-learning and to keep pace with the advancements in t his field (iii) also enable them compete for job opportunities.Read More

Health Science & Community Health
The Health Science and  Community Health course aims to release graduates who can (i) compete in the labour market, (ii) competent, qualified and compassionate manpower that can increase engagement with our communities (both in the urban and rural ) to better serve their health needs.Read More

Arts and Media Studies
Arts and Media course offer students the chance to gain comprehensive knowledge and practical skils of the media, cultural, and creative processes in contemporary social life. The course explores how the press, arts and new social media are shaping the world around us.Read More

Hospitality, Travel & Tourism
The course aims to develop sought after, future-fit organisational leaders who create legacies in this sector. Our graduates will be known for their skills, competencies and attributes that allow them to excel in the tourism and hospitality industry, which is one of the most dramatic growth industries in Kenya.Read More

SHORT Courses

  • Project Proposal Development & Management Skills
  • Customer Care and Communication skills
  • Management of NGOs and CBOs
  • Participatory Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects
  • First AID and Emergency Response Skills
  • Drug and Substance Abuse, Prevention and Rehabilitation
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care, Counseling and Support
  • Effective Report Writing and Presentation Skills
  • Effective Counseling Skills
  • Effective Leadership & Devolved Governance Skills
  • Strategic Planning and management Skills
  • Professional Public Relations Skills
  • Occupational Health and Safety Training
  • Nutritional Health & Dietetics Management
  • Preparation of CV & Personal Statement